All singles released under Up Front Works, before their transfer to T-Palette Records. Up Up Girls (kari) released seven singles, from March to November of 2012. They joined Tower Records indie label T-Palette Records. Their first release was Going my ↑ (pronounded ue, similar to way). Their last release under UFW was Upper Rock/Ichiban Girls. 

1. Going my ↑ : Released March 25th, 2012. Coupling with Onegai Miwaku no Target.
2. BareBare I LOVE YOU : Released June 27th, 2012. Coupling with Rainbow.
3. UPPERCUT! : Released July 25th, 2012. Coupling with Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow.
4. Mechakyun♡Summer(´▽`)ノ : Released August 29th, 2012. Coupling with Cyalume.
5. Namenna! Ashi Girls : Released September 26th, 2012. Coupling with Marble Hero.
6. End Of The Season : Released October 3rd, 2012. Coupling with Beautiful Days!.
7. UPPER ROCK : Released November 7th, 2012. Double A-side with Ichiban Girls.

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