Sengoku Minami was the oldest member, during her time within the group, in Up Up Girls (Kari). Although she would never accept the title, she was considered the leader.[1] After announcing her graduation in April of 2017, she graduated alongside Sato Ayano on September 16th, 2017.[2]

Early Life to Trainee 

Sengoku Minami was born in Miyagi Prefecture on April 30th, 1991. She became a fan of Morning Musume. after their song "The Peace" was released.[3] She hoped to be like then member Ishikawa Rika. She was too young to audition, being 10-years-old, for the group as their minimum age was 12. A few years later in 2004, auditions to be "Hello! Project Eggs," the original name for Hello! Project Kenshuusei. She applied and was chosen along with 5 other members of Up Up Girls.

Although she was part of the first generation of Eggs, or trainees, she was unable to regularly attend concerts or lessons due to the distance between Miyagi and Tokyo.[4] In order to attend lessons and concerts, she moved to Tokyo a few years later. In 2007, she was accepted a high school in Tokyo and began to live on her own.

As she was able to attend events easily and frequently, she was added to the semi-professional fustal team Gatas Brilhantes H.P. She was chosen from the members to be a part of Ongaku Gatas, an idol group comprised of then Hello! Project members and Eggs. This group released four singles and one album.[5]

Minami in Up Up Girls (Kari)

In the later half of 2010, Hello! Project announced Minami had finished her training as a Hello! Project egg. In March of 2011, the original six members were announced. She became the leader of UUG (Kari) after joining the original five members who completed their training before her. Being the oldest, she was made an unofficial leader. [1] Although the leader was never chosen, she was treated and referred to as leader.

She remained active in Up Up Girls (Kari) from 2011 to 2017. She graduated with Sato Ayano, though each held their own individual concert, on September 16th. Her last single was "Upper Disco/FOREVER YOUNG," released on May 9th, 2017.[6] She was also included in their fourth album, titled "4th Album (Kari)" (read as フォース or fo-su, both 4th and force) released August 29th.[7]

After Up Up Girls (Kari)


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