Minami Sengoku Edit

Sengoku Minami is Up Up Girls (Kari)'s current leader and oldest member. She announced her graduation from UUG in April of 2017, the exact date unknown, alongside fellow UUG member Sato Ayano.

Minami in Up Up Girls (Kari) Edit

In the later half of 2010, Hello! Project announced Minami had finished her training as a Hello! Project egg. In March of 2011, shortly after the formation of the group Up Front Girls (Kari), it was announced she would be joining as the sixth member. She became the leader of UUG (Kari) after joining the original five members of Up Front Girls (Kari). While Minami became leader of UUG, Furukawa Konatsu would stay leader of Kpop dance group UFZS, also comprised of UUG members.

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