アップアップガールズ(プロレス)最終オーディション 合格者発表

アップアップガールズ(プロレス)最終オーディション 合格者発表

On August 12th, during a Nico Nico live broadcast[1], the four successful applicants were put through a final audition round. After demonstrating their "appeal" and singing, they went through a physical endurance test. As a group, they did several floor exercises, went head to head with a female pro-wrestler, and performed "Uppercut" to prove their strength and stamina.

Near the end of the broadcast, DDT Wrestling founder Takagi Sanshiro announced all four applicants successfully completed the final round of auditions and the "trainee" would be removed from their name. In addition to their group being officially announced, so was their first single titled "Upperkick!". This song will be considered another version of "Uppercut!". Although the intro and many of the words are similar to each other, the new version has a "wrestler" feel to it, rather than the "boxer" theme of the original version.


Applicant No. 1, Hikari. Born 02/18/1997 in Hokkaidou, Japan.

Twitter: @uug_p_hikari
Showroom Live: uug_wresling_hikaru

Her demonstration of appeal was filling her mouth to the limit with marshmallows, in total 12 marshmallows. Her audition song was "Mecchakyun Summer".

Applicant No. 2, Miu. Born 10/19/1999 in Saitama, Japan.

Twitter: @uug_p_miu
Showroom Live: uug_wresling_miu

Her demonstration of appeal was twirling a baton. Her audition song was "Party People Alien". She is the youngest of the group. At the time of the auditions, she was 17 and in her last year of high school.


Applicant No. 3, Hinano. Born 02/21/1998 in Tokyo Metro, Japan.

Twitter: @uug_p_hinano
Showroom Live: uug_wresling_hinano

She initally auditioned for UUG (2), but was unsuccessful. She decided to get "revenge" by auditioning for UUG (PW). She practices judo and used her 10+ years of experience as her demonstration of appeal. She flipped pro wrestler Ohishi Makoto over her shoulder, onto his back. As another act of "revenge" (revenge in the sense of proving oneself), she performed "Uppercut" as her audition song. Her inability to sing said song during the final rounds of UUG (2) auditions lead to her elimination.


Applicant No. 4, Raku. Born 12/5/1997 in Tokyo Metro, Japan.

Twitter: @uug_p_raku
Showroom Live: uug_wresling_raku

She likes food and trains. Her favorite train is Hokkaido's shinkansen (bullet train). Her audition song was "Bare Bare I Love You". In addition, showed her toe control and ability to play rock paper scissors with them.


  1. Refer to video on the side