Up Up Girls (Kari) announced, on May 29th of 2017, they would be holding auditions for a new unit titled "Up Up Girls (PuroResu)" or "Up Up Girls (Pro-Wrestling)". The successful applicants would be both idols and wrestlers, essentially wrestling singers. Applications were open to girls in high school to the age of 23 from May 29th to June 18th of 2017.

Application Requirements and Information

Up Up Girls (Professional Wrestling) auditions decided! An idol and pro-wrestler! Gather around if you're a woman aiming to be the strongest idol in the world!

★I like singing ★I like pro-wrestling ★I like dancing ★I like weight training

★I like to entertain people ★I like thrills ★I won't give up! I won't lose!

★I want to be famous! ★I want the new me to be shown ★I want to only move forward

★I can't give up on my dreams ★I want to go upwards, higher and higher

We are patiently waiting the applications from those who have the same spirit as Up Up Girls! I really want to be a professional wrestler! I really want to be an idol! We really want your applications! To qualify for entry, you must be from high school age to, at max, 23 years of age as of May 29th of 2017.

Applications Close, Updates, and Showroom

Applications for UUG ProWres came to a close on June 19th, 2017. All successful applicants would be notified of their success and invited to an interview and secondary audition. Out of over 100 applications, only 12 were successful and passed on to the second stage. On June 24th, UUG members Mori Saki and Saho Akari were joined by michitomo and Ohishi Makoto, a professional wrestler from DDT group, to interview applications.

On July 20th, it was announced the successful applicants from the second stage would be introduced on Up Up Girl's Showroom Live channel. During the Showroom, the four successful applicants were introduced. Mori Saki, Ohishi Makoto, and senior DDT wrestler Takagi Sanshirou served as judges. The four girls each introduced themselves, performed a chosen song, then passed a series of games. At the end of the show, they were all chosen to be Up Up Girls (ProWres) Trainees. The trainee was removed from their name when they completed their training and made their pro-wrestling major debut on January 4th, 2018.