This page includes information on applicants Maru-chan, Mayuhokki, Chinaa-chan, and RenRen. These were the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th shown during the initial SHOWROOM with Mori Saki and Saho Akari.

Applicant Number 56, Maru-chan (まるちゃん)Edit



Information: As of February 3rd, 2017, she is 16 years old. She is going from her first to her second year in high school. She is from Kanagawa Prefecture. She was the only participant to not be present during the first SHOWROOM, so a video of her singing and dancing shown instead. She performed "Mechakyun♡Summer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ"'s choreography in place of a special skill. Her audition song was "Kimi to Iu Kasetsu". 

Applicant Number 57, Mayuhokkii (まゆほっきー)Edit



Information: Mayuhokkii is from Hokkaidou. She was born August 5th, 1994. Her full name is Aoyama Mayu. Prior to her UUG audition, she was a member of Hokkaidou Nippon Ham Fighter's Dancing Heroine - Hana - as a "Fighters Girl". The special skill she demonstrated during her audition was one of her "strange faces" and an impersonation of Egashira 2:50. Her audition song was "Party People Alien". 

Applicant Number 58, Chinaa-chan (ちなっちゃん)Edit



Information: As of February 3rd, 2017, Chinaa-chan is 19 years old. She is from Fukushima Prefecture. The special skill she showed during her audition was "no matter what has been cooked, she'll happily eat it". Her audition song was "Apare".

Applicant Number 59, Renren (れんれん)Edit



Information: Renren's full name is Koizumi Karen. She is a well known local idol from Ueno in Tokyo Metropolitan. She was born September 29th, 1997. She was originally part of a small idol unit until the units breakup (graduation). She began her solo career shortly after.1 She likes pandas and during her audition and following SHOWROOM vlogs, she wore panda hair decorations. The special talent she demonstrated during her audition wasa panda impersonation, which included a side-split and panda sounds. Her audition song was "Mechakyun♡Summer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ".

Information SourcesEdit

All information was either from videos during auditions or through the applicant's SHOWROOM.

1. Renren's biography can be found on her official site

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