Out of over 700 applicants, 13 were chosen to move on to the second round of auditions. These auditions were attempts at gaining publicity through SHOWROOM Live and twitter. At the end of the auditions, 4 girls passed through to join Up Up Girls (2). The ranking played no part in did not influence their passing/failure.[1]

Second Stage Participants

Applicant Number 14, Rikko (りっこー) | Successful

Information: Hashimura Riko has been a fan of idols since she was little, one of her favorite groups is/was Morning Musume., and her favorite Morning Musume. member was Tanaka Reina. The special talent she demonstrated during her audition was hula-hooping while singing "Uppercut!". Her audition song was "YOLO". She was successful and became a member of (2).

Applicant Number 17, MokaMoka (もかもか) | Unsuccessful

Information: Mokamoka's real/full name Aoyagi Momoka. The special skill she demonstrated was creating balloon animals. She made a green bear for Mori and a yellow dog for Saho. Her audition song was "Uppercut!". Prior to her UUG (2) audition, she auditioned to be a member of S/mileage's 2nd generation. She was unsuccessful and did not go on to join Hello! Project's Kenshuusei like the other applicants. Momoka has a youtube, twitter, and showroom, but they are private.

Applicant Number 25, Nacchan (なっちゃん) | Unsuccessful

Information: Igarashi Natsumi (五十嵐) was born July 18th, 1995[2]. She can play the double bass and enjoys cooking. The special skill she demonstrated was her imitation of Rola (model), Goofy (Disney), and My Neighbor Totoro's Mei (Studio Ghibli film). Her audition song was "Uppercut!". After joining and leaving Anchor Lady, Natsumi joined the group ASTROMATE. She also changed her stage name from Igarashi Natsumi to Honda Natsumi[3].

Applicant Number 29, Rino (りの) | Unsuccessful

Information: Seriyama Rino is from Tokyo. The special talent she demonstrated during the audition was speaking English. She has studied English for many years and has lived in the United States for a period of time. Her goal had she passed the auditions would have been to spread Up Up Girls around the world. Her audition song was "Uppercut". For a short time, she was a member of now defunct idol group Anchor Lady.[4]On June 10th, 2018, she announced she was a new member of Akishibu Project.[5] She also changed her name from Seriyama (芹山) to Fukuyama(福山).

Applicant Number 30, Maachan (まーちゃん) | Successful

Information: Yoshikawa Mayu is from Akita Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. The special skill she demonstrated wasduring auditions was saying tongue twister/phrases in rhythm (rapping tongue twisters) . Her audition song was "Jumper" to which she also performed the choreography. She was successful in her auditions and became a member of (2).

Applicant Number 37, Gucchi (ぐっちー) | Unsuccessful

Information: Hinano, or Gucchi, was born February 21st, 1998. She enjoys all types of anime and manga and practices judo. Although she was going to demonstrate judo, she wanted to do something funny. The special skill she demonstrated was her impersonation of Sunshine Ikezaki combined with her own character, titled "Sunshine Gucchi". Her audition song was "Itadaki wo Mezase". Gucchi was unsuccessful during the UUG(2) auditions, but successfully passed the UUG(PW) auditions held later the same year. She is now a part of Up Up Girls (Pro-Wresting) and Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling. Her name is Hinano.[6]

Applicant Number 56, Maru-chan (まるちゃん) | Unsuccessful

Information: Little is known about Maru-chan. During auditions, she was 16 years old. She is from Kanagawa Prefecture. She was the only participant to not be present during the first SHOWROOM, so a video of her singing and dancing shown instead. She performed "Mechakyun♡Summer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ"'s choreography in place of a special skill. Her audition song was "Kimi to Iu Kasetsu".

Applicant Number 57, Mayuhokkii (まゆほっきー) | Unsuccessful

Information: Mayuhokkii is from Hokkaidou. She was born August 5th, 1994. Her full name is Aoyama Mayu. Prior to her UUG audition, she was a member of Hokkaidou Nippon Ham Fighter's Dancing Heroine - Hana - as a "Fighters Girl". The special skill she demonstrated during her audition was one of her "strange faces" and an impersonation of Egashira 2:50. Her audition song was "Party People Alien".

Applicant Number 58, Chinaa-chan (ちなっちゃん) | Successful

Information: Takahagi Chinatsu is from Fukushima Prefecture. The special skill she showed during her audition was "no matter what has been cooked, she'll happily eat it". Her audition song was "Apare". She was a member of the idol group Icle Girls, but graduated in early 2016 prior to her audition for UUG (2).

Applicant Number 59, Renren (れんれん) | Unsuccessful

Information: Renren's full name is Koizumi Karen. She is a well known local idol from Ueno in Tokyo Metro. She was born September 29th, 1997. She began her solo career after auditions[7]. She likes pandas. The special talent she demonstrated during her audition was a panda impersonation, which included a side-split and panda sounds. Her audition song was "Mechakyun♡Summer ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ". She has continued her idol career, releasing several singles. [8]

Additions & Aftermath

Although a 5th member, Nakaoki Rin, was added shortly after the announcement of the first 4[9], she was not part of the audition process. She was not included in any SHOWROOM or twitter accounts prior to her official addition. Since she did not have to audition to join the group, she is not included on this page nor in the successful participants page. Besides Nakaoki Rin, two additional members were added to the group in April of 2018 on the groups 1st anniversary. Both girls were chosen during the initial auditions to be trainees. After their training was completed, they joined the group.[10]

Mayuhokki, Aoyama Mayu, was not chosen but participated in a Hokkaidou based event with Up Up Girls (Kari). For a period of time she was being promoted by YUM Entertainment and Up Up Girls (Kari). She was given the job of reporting on Kikkawa Yuu and Up Up Girls (Kari) while they were in Taiwan.[11] It appeared as if they were training her to join Up Up Girls (Kari) or (2), which lead to many fans being shocked by the announcement of the addition two members. It appears as if she no longer has plans to join UUG (K) as she hasn't mentioned her intent in over 3 months. Since reporting in Taiwan, she was joined several SHOWROOM events, such as Tanaka Reina's program and a chance at voicing an anime character.[12] Her current status is unknown. She is currently on rotation as host of Shimokita FM's Idol Live.[13]


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All original streams from the individual SHOWROOM accounts are unable to be located online. In addition, all accounts (sans the official members) created during the auditioning period were deleted. Few news outlets or idol-centered sources documented the entire audition process in-depth. The first and final auditions have been uploaded to youtube, but not on the official page. They risk deletion at any time, but are linked to in the reference list.