Makuake Fan Fund Raising

After 5 years together, Up Up Girls (kari) was finally informed they would be headed towards Budokan. Budokan, a very large and popular venue in Japan, is quite expensive. After spending an unknown amount during the months leading to the announcement of their Budokan concert, the seven girls were informed on Ameba LIVE that they did not have the funds for the concert. Each member had made a video talking about their wished for event at or from their concert. Sengoku Minami, for example, wanted to be carried around in a mikoshi or litter . In order for this "wish to come true" the fans would have to raise 7,000,000 JPY (roughly 70,000 USD).

With a total of 50 days, Up Up Girls hoped to raise 7,000,000 JPY on the fund raising site Makuake . Each course set would allow the donation giver to receive goods for their donation. The least expensive course was 30,000 JPY and included a photo and calendar with signatures from each member. Through their ameba live, blogs, concerts, and appearances, they garnered attention for the campaign. Within the first week, the fans raised 25% of their goal, but the donations slowed down steadily, do almost a complete stop until the last day.

On the second to and last day of fund raising, the fans finally raised Up Up Girls' goal of 7,000,000 JPY. During the last 2 hours, the fans exceeded the goal and raised 12,007,000 JPY (roughly 120,070 USD).