Hinano, full name unknown, is the second youngest member of Up Up Girls (Pro-Wrestling) as she is three days younger than Hikari. Her current (outfit) image color is blue.

About Hinano

Hinano was born on February 21th, 1998 in Tokyo Metro, Japan. Originally, she auditioned to be a part of what would become Up Up Girls (2) and made it through to the third round of auditions. She was unsuccessful, but chose not to give up. She auditioned for Up Up Girls (PW) and was chosen as one of the official four members.

During the (2) audition days, the participants were given temporary names. Each girls name was in some way based on their own real name. Hinano was given the name Gucchi, which most assume was based on her last name. Though, her last name has yet to be revealed and goes by the katakana ヒナノ (Hinano). She is still referred to as Gucchi by most of those who followed her during the first auditions. [1]

DDT/Tokyo Joshi Profile

She has practiced Judo and Sambo for most of her life. She hates losing and aims to be a anime voice actor. [2]

Nickname(s) Gucchi, Hinachen
Signature Move(s) Jackie Special (temp.)
Theme/Entry Song Joujou Dokusendo
Wrestling Debut Jan. 4th, 2018
Hobbies Watching Jackie Chan movies, going to anime events
Favorite Celebrity Jackie Chan, Kitahara Sayaka
Favorite Food Sekihan (red sticky rice)


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