Aoyama Mayu, also known to fans as Mayuhokki, was an applicant during Up Up Girls (2) auditions. Although she was unsuccessful, she aimed to join Up Up Girls (Kari) as a member. She is a former cheer-leader, idol-in-training, radio DJ, and model.

About Mayu

Mayu was born in Hokkaido, Japan on August 5th of 1994. She has lived by herself since was 15-years-old.[1] She was a cheerleader for Hokkaido's Nippon-Ham Fighters.[2] She left in 2016.

She was given the nickname "Mayuhokki" during the auditions for UUG (2). The nickname was based on the region "Hokuto," from which she came, Hokkaido itself, and Hokuto's mascot "ずーしーほっきー (sushi hokki)[3]". [4] Although she was unsuccessful during the auditions for UUG (2), she has been included in the 2017 and 2018 Yasokoi Festival as a part of Team UUG.[5] As of August 2018 she is affiliated with YU-M Entertainment, the same company as Up Up Girls (K), (2), and (PW).[6]

Cheerz and MissID

In 2018, Mayu joined the MissID 2019 competition. MissID was created to find "new girls" that would be representative of a new era.[7] On September 29th, it was announced Mayu had made it to the final round.[8]


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