"Ai Ai Fire!!/Watashitachi (with Friend)" is the first single released by Up Up Girls (Kari) in 2018.[1] It featured two songs, Ai Ai Fire!! and a new version of Watashitachi featuring the band the Inazuma Sentai.

Track List

  1. Ai Ai Fire!!
    • Lyrics: NOBE, Composition: michitomo, Arrangement: KOJI oba
  2. Watashitachi
    • Lyrics: Uenaka Jyoya, Composition: Kubo Hiroyuki, Arrangement: Michitomo, Band: The Inazuma Sentai
  3. Ai Ai Fire!! (Instrumental)
  4. Watashitachi (Instrumental)


This single entered the chart on Nov. 5 at 6th place.[2] It was out of the top 30 the next 3 days, but went back up to 9th by the fourth day. The fifth day, 11/19, it was 24th and on 11/20 it was 10th place. On the weekly singles ranking, it took 21st place with a total of 3,869 reported sales.[3]


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